Here we are, Survivors: everyone’s favorite zombie-based Spookymilk Survivor challenge! Okay, it’s the only zombie-based Spookymilk Survivor challenge, but it was popular when I ran it last season. It was a team challenge then, though.

Let’s cut and paste from that rundown, with changes as necessary.


Howzabout we get ourselves on a spreadsheet, eh? This one is a tad complicated, so good players, help explain it to the dumb ones.

Here you go. Those three gray spaces in the 20×20 area are Zombies. Zombies are bad, it turns out. Your job is to place yourselves on this grid, and after that’s done, the three zombies will infect the people to whom they’re closest. That is, if Zombie 1 is 14 spaces from Shrubbery and at least 15 from anyone else, he will infect Shrubbery. The three players who get infected will take over as the zombies (in whichever space they placed themselves) for the next turn while my three will disappear.

If two or more people are equidistant from the zombie, the zombie will infect the one who placed himself or moved last. Movement will be determined by quickest route, not including diagonals (this is a change from last season. Although players can move diagonally, diagonals will not figure into captures when I’m tabulating who was captured).

On the second move, the three new zombies will get to move themselves 0, 1, 2 or 3 spaces – wherever they want to go. Their movement will not be stymied by other humans in any way. Humans will move up to three spaces as well. At the end of this, once again, the three that are closest to the zombies will be infected and the previous ones will disappear. There are no team benefits here; the zombie will infect the closest person regardless of team affiliation.

Movement: You can intersect with other humans as long as you don’t land on the same space in the end. If you’re on the same space at the end of a turn, both will die and not be figured into the zombie’s infections.

Nonsubs: There will be nonsubs in this challenge, for the first time in a while. A human who nonsubs will be wiped from the board. If a zombie nonsubs, he will stay where he is, infect as he would as if he didn’t move, and will get three self-votes when it’s voting time. If you’re strategically not moving, you must say so.

Here’s a situation: if the same human is the closest to two zombies, then the closer zombie claims him while the other zombie picks from the rest of the group. If the same person is the closest to two zombies and these are equal distances, first of all, I will hate you all for allowing that situation, but secondly I will randomly select a zombie to eat him, as much as I would hate it.


Last time, there were goats that were an element of this challenge. That won’t be the case this time. New players, don’t worry about the goats. If you have any questions, ask them, and I’ll add necessary responses to this post as comments.

At the end of four turns (counting initial placement), the two remaining humans will win Immunity. At the end I’ll try to do two deadlines, for a planned Sunday-Monday-Tuesday-Tuesday finish. Hopefully the small handful of you that remain can make that happen.

Place yourselves by Sunday night at 9pm Central. If you try to place yourself where a player already stands, I’ll randomly move you one space into a safe direction so you don’t die on initial placement.

So, yeah, I know this challenge represents a big uptick in difficulty, but it’s time to sink or swim, and prove you earned your way to the end. The jury isn’t far from us, and frankly, neither is the end. There will be more one-day challenges, but after the elimination blitz last week, I wanted to take our time on this one.

Cheers, Survivors.