Okay, I’ll do this real quickly while taking a break from judging stories (that’s almost done, too). The challenge will go up tonight after stories; the challenge will be due tomorrow night, so keep that in mind.

Vote One: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Two: Hey You Over There.

Vote Thee: Hey You Over There.

Vote Four: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Five: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Six: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Seven: Hey You Over There.

Vote Eight: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Nine: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Ten: Robo-Buffy. “This might make some people mad but for some reason I don’t feel I can trust you.”

Vote Eleven: Hey You Over There. “Sometimes, you just have to do what you’re told.”

Vote Twelve: Hey You Over There. “Hey You Over There! No, not you. Turn back around, you eavesdropping prick. Hey You Over There!!! Yes, you!!!

I’m voting for you.


Robo and Hey You are tied 5-5.

Vote Thirteen: Robo-Buffy.

Vote Fourteen: Robo-Buffy.

Twentieth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Robo-Buffy

There goes a pretty major force, gang. I hadn’t written off Buffy as a potential winner, to be honest.

But the thirteen of us press on. Challenge tonight.

Cheers, Survivors.