Okay, gang. I went back and forth on challenges I could do in a single day without being around for the second half of it, and all this time, this old thing was giving me the facepalm, knowing I’d forgotten about him (for several seasons now).

For this challenge, I want you to Create a Challenge that we could feasibly play this season, right up until the end. If the number of players is specific, that’s not a problem – just say so.

The three best challenges will be chosen (by me) for Immunity. Now, this one asks for a really different skill set from the other challenges this year, and for that reason, if you don’t do this one, you are not a nonsub. You just can’t win Immunity, is all. Additionally, if you have a concept that isn’t completely thought out because you can visualize but not put your thought into words, if it’s a good enough concept, you can still win Immunity.

You should know me fairly well by now, but let’s give you more insight.

What I like: complex late-game challenges; challenges where multiple strategies are viable; challenges that force socialization; Founders Imperial Stout (that won’t help you, but I do); challenges where it’s easy to help others but difficult to ruin one person completely to keep them from advancing; clever challenge titles. Yes, I realize I’m mentioning this during the Create-a-Challenge Challenge, which does not have a clever title.

What I don’t like: luck; tiebreak situations; luck; challenges where the best strategy is never talking to anyone; simplicity (simple to learn is good, but I don’t like to run a lot of the Facebook challenges where one person can dominate easily due to a better knowledge base about a single category); luck; challenges that are too similar to ones we’ve already done.

If you submit an idea that’s similar to one I’ve already done in a past season but have no idea I’ve done something like that before, I won’t hold that against you; I’ll try to judge it based on how much I like it compared to others. I mean, if you accidentally come up with the same game as Fall, Caesar, you’ll probably win Immunity (but not now, because I told you this).

Send challenge submissions to my email by 11pm Central Friday, which is “tonight” for most of you now. That’s much later than usual, but I’ll be at work and can’t get to anything until after that.

Additionally, all challenges will be posted. So you’ll essentially know three of the upcoming challenges (I may choose to run fewer in the case that I only love one or two, but this is unlikely. I may run more, but only three will win Immunity tonight), though not where they’ll land in the schedule.