Hey, gang. Sorry about the wait. I finally got to talk to my dad.

Challenge later.

Vote One: Harold Biscuits.

Vote Two: Hey You Over There.

Vote Three: Hey You Over There.

Vote Four: Hey You Over There.

Vote Five: Hey You Over There.

Vote Six: Hey You Over There. “one more time?”

Vote Seven: Chastity Trueheart.

Vote Eight: Chastity Trueheart.

Vote Nine: Chastity Trueheart. “Nothing against her (assuming that her is the correct pronoun), it’s just her time to go.”

Vote Ten: Chastity Trueheart. “Bye felica!”

Vote Eleven: Chastity Trueheart. “Unfortunately it seems you’re playing all kinds of sides in this game, and I don’t want you to waltz to the end and win! GG”

Vote Twelve: Chastity Trueheart. “I never know where to go with these things. Maybe the vacations over? Maybe not.”

Vote Thirteen: Chastity Trueheart. “Ok, for pure survival reasons…I must vote Chastity. Sorry, I am finding out that despite your name, you are not so innocent! :-)”

Twenty-First Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Chastity Trueheart

Finally…finally…we put an end to the worst impression of a young girl that anyone, anywhere has ever done. But hey, at least you stopped typing crap like “2moro” a couple of weeks ago.

…seriously, you need a series of punches to the face for this character. But we move on, so it’s all good.

I’m deciding on a challenge, but a lot of you are antsy so I threw this up. Challenge post tonight.