If you’ll remember, and most of you don’t, I made a very strong note early on in the game that you didn’t want your identity to be given up.

So, today, Immunity goes not to those who successfully named the most, but to those who were guessed the least. Initially I was going to make only 3-4 people available for voting after this challenge, but it seemed a bit unforgiving, even for me.

I have four people who were guessed either zero or one time. They’re beneath the jump. This isn’t a long enough post to warrant a jump, but showmanship counts, you know?

Graveyard Nuggets
The History of Sass
Smash Hardwood

Vote for anyone else by tomorrow night at 9pm Central and we’ll get to a new challenge – probably one of the player-submitted ones.

Cheers, Survivors.


Over the course of the next however the hell long it takes, this site is going to be redesigned, and I plan to sell merchandise and make an overall much more inviting experience. Game titles may change, given how I’m looking to build this. Anyone who wants to help with hosting or art is welcome. If you can’t do much beyond be a cheerleader, that’s fine. Take a picture of yourself in a cheerleader uniform and pass it along.

Cheers again, Survivors.