WOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO, gang. What a vote. Let’s get to it.

Vote O…

…wait, what’s this?

Interesting Salmon strides up to me, and kneels before me with a lock box. He produces the key, and after I slowly turn it, raising the tension for the benefit of those watching on TV, the contents are revealed: it is the rarely seen Golden Salmon.

Fun Fact: Golden Salmon double as Immunity Idols.

Any votes cast for Interesting Salmon will not count.

Vote One: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Two: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Three: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Four: Interesting Salmon. “Fun fact: I have actually quite enjoyed playing with you and I wish you all the best.”

Vote Five: Interesting Salmon.

Vote Six: Interesting Salmon. “I vote for Salmon to leave tonight….not such a fun fact I suppose….”

Vote Six and a Half: Reese has produced his extra vote, which is for Interesting Salmon.

That’s seven votes for…well, nobody. The rest is under the jump.

Vote Seven: Reese Wildebeest.

Vote Eight: Reese Wildebeest.

Vote Nine: Reese Wildebeest.

Vote Ten: Reese Wildebeest.

Vote Eleven: Reese Wildebeest. “I can’t take the sneaky anymore.”

Vote Twelve: Reese Wildebeest. “Sic Semper Fraudator.”

Twenty-Second Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Reese Wildebeest

Man oh man. I made a list in the notes of people likely to win a couple of days ago, and Reese was at the top. It was a good game, man, and I can’t wait to see what you can do in a regular, open season around here. I suppose open ones are somewhat irregular, but whatever. They’re coming.

So, in an astonishing coincidence, I had scheduled Salmon’s challenge for today. It’s called Super Effective and pay attention, because I changed rules to hopefully play for speed.


In this challenge, you will attempt to defend yourself against your bloodthirsty neighbors by defending against their attacks.

Sending in a move consists of three parts :

Specifying your defensive element – This is the shield you will be putting up against protective attackers.
Specifying your offensive element – This is the attack you will be using against your targets.
Specifying your targets – These are the targets for your offensive attacks. On each turn, we’ll specify two.

There are four elements. Green, Red, yellow, and Blue. Each element has a weakness (think rock, paper, scissors)

Green is weak to yellow
Yellow is weak to red
Red is weak to blue
Blue is weak to green

An attack on a target who is indifferent (not the same color as the attack, but not weak to it, either) results in 2 damage.

An attack on a target whose defense is weak (such as a blue attack on a red defense) to the attacking element results in 4 damage.

An attack on a defense with the same element as the attack will HEAL the target for a single point (this can be done intentionally). You cannot exceed ten points.

You start with 10 points. Play will continue until one to four players remain after a turn.


Your first move is due tomorrow night (Wednesday) at 9pm Central. I’ll be at work, so results will be late. I’ll attempt to do multiple turns on Thursday. This could easily take forever, so hopefully when we get low, we can play more or less live.

Cheers, Survivors. Thanks for an exciting game so far.