I had this challenge title well before I knew how the challenge would run (this happens a lot). Too bad Mr. Rainbow isn’t around anymore, eh? He juuuuuust barely missed this challenge.

For our purposes, we’ll do a six-color rainbow, because whose eyes perceive the difference between indigo and violet anyway, right????

SO: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. In that order.

For this challenge, the only thing you have to do is stand on one of those colors. Just choose one and send it to me. It’s your shortest submission of the season, right?

To survive a round, you must be standing next to a color that contains the exact same number of people that are standing on yours. If you stand on yellow with one other person, then either orange or green must also contain exactly two people. If neither is the same, you’re out of the challenge.

There is a very good chance this will only take one turn, and there’s also a good chance there will be no Immunities. Once a turn ends and there are three or fewer people left, those people will be Immune. If a turn goes by and nobody is eliminated, I’ll probably eliminate a color for the next turn.

You have until Monday night at 9pm Central to choose your color. Hopefully we’ll eliminate someone by Tuesday night and get right after another one. I have a specific challenge I’d like to run for Friday, which is Independence Day for all you Statesiders left in the group, but it wouldn’t actually contain any hard work on your part during the day. If I fall out of love with it before then, I’ll do something else.

Cheers, Survivors.