Put on your creative hats again for this one, gang! But not you, person who got tenth place. Let’s see who you are.

Vote One: Hey You (self-vote).

Vote Two: Beef Stew (self-vote).

Vote Three: Hey You.

Vote Four: Beef Stew.

Vote Five: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Six: Hey You.

Vote Seven: Hey You.

Vote Eight: Hey You.

Vote Nine: Hey You.

Vote Ten: Hey You. “For god’s sake, get voted out. It has to work this time…right?”

Twenty-Fourth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Hey You Over There!

I’d say something interesting about that, but I’m at work trying to post.

Look, everyone! You made single digits! At this point, I have to wonder why I haven’t come up with any Winner Nicknames. For the uninitiated, take a look at the sidebar where I have winners of the various games listed. You’ll notice that the majority of them have Winner Nicknames. Your task by tomorrow night (Thursday) at 9pm Central is to create nicknames for each player left in the game, including yourself. There will be two judges who award points to their favorite nicknames: me and a dude who didn’t play the game but is watching. We will give points to our favorite suggestions for each person, meaning there will be a total of eighteen points awarded. The two people with the most points will win Immunity, with ties broken by a priority order (that is, a list of favorite overall names) that the other dude and I create.

Because of the the different skill set, you may once again elect not to do this challenge, with no nonsub applied. Of course, you can’t win Immunity that way. You can also send in a partial list if you can’t think of a good one for this person or that.

As for what makes a good nickname, it can be a lot of things. It can be a play on the character name, or a reference to how that person plays. Mean-spirited and insulting names will not be considered. Your list will be posted for everyone to see, so that should keep the mean-spirited and insulting names out of the equation.

When you submit, just send all the nicknames, along with who they belong to, to the usual email address.

Cheers, Survivors.