So, five of you submitted lists. Nobody wants immunity anymore! Novak and I have judged the hell out of these, which is to say we put our initials after the ones we picked and made a handful of small comments. Away we go.

Oh, and for each group, the submissions are by Smash, Sass, Salmon, Nuggets and Toothless, always in that order.

Beef “No Added Preservatives” Stew
Beef “Don’t Call Me Late for Dinner” Stew
Beef Stew – The Chatterbox (MN – I like irony)
Beef = Not Broth
Beef “Less is (Dinty) Moore” Stew (KW – Double meaning! Yes, please.)

Graveyard “Otto Von Large-Nugs of the Undead Clan” Nuggets
Graveyard “The Ghost” Nuggets
Graveyard Nuggets – The Yeti
Nugget = War and Mayonnaise (KW – mayonnaise is an inside joke between two players in the game)
Graveyard “Vote Mayo” Nuggets (MN)

History of “Surprisingly Little” Sass (KW) (MN)
History of Sass – “Unrated, Uncut, Uncensored”
History of Sass – The Revolver
Sass = History of LOLs
History of “Emoticon Obsessed” Sass

Hope “Fair.” Martell (KW)
Hope “The Innocent” Martell
Hope Martell – The Prometheus
Hope = The New Hope (MN – Better if it’s “A” instead of “The” but I’ll take it)
Hope “Light as a Feather” Martell

Interesting “Fun Fact: Salmon do not follow the same evolutionary chain as most fish. They actually evolved from cats that jumped into the ocean from the beaches of Normandy with the hope of distancing themselves from the French.” Salmon
Interesting “The Dictionary” Salmon
Interesting Salmon – The Beacon
Salmon = the Factual Pescatarian’s Delight
Interesting “Weapons-Grade” Salmon (KW – lots of good ones here) (MN – going a different direction was a good idea here)

Rogue “Renegade for Life” Scallion
Rogue “Not to be confused with my brother Rap” Scallion
Rogue Scallion – The Sparrow
Rogue = The Rapscallion
Rogue “the Inscrutable” Scallion (KW) (MN)

Sala-“man I wish I knew how to put a nickname in here”-gela
Salam-”I’m not a lizard”-angela
Salamangela – The Polysyllabic Poltergeist (alliteration is cool)
Salamangela = The Inscrutable Enchilada (KW) (MN)
Sala-“One Name”-Mangela

Toothless “Do the” Hustle
Toothless “How ya like my Grin” Hustle
Toothless Hustle – THE BAHAMBO! (Bahambo.)
Toothless = Biting Commentary (KW) (MN)
Toothless “Last-Minute” Hustle

Smash “Hardware” Hardwood (KW)
Smash “Silent but STRONG” Hardwood
Smash Hardwood – The Fluffer (in character as a semi-retired porn star)
Smash = Gotta Catch ’em All
Smash “Cock-a-Doodle-Dude” Hardwood (MN)


There it is. With seven and six points, your Immuniteers this week are…..

Toothless Hustle
Graveyard Nuggets

Vote for anyone else by tomorrow night (Friday) at 9pm Central. I’ll probably be at Brooks’s house in New Mexico at that time, but I hope to post the elimination before too late regardless.

Cheers, Survivors.