I’m at Brooks’s’s’ss’s house!!! Get excited, gang!

I’ll post the challenge tomorrow, but I AM HANGING OUT WITH BROOKS

Vote One: Rogue Scallion.

Vote Two: Rogue Scallion.

Vote Three: Rogue Scallion. “You may have been a little TOO in character.”

Vote Four: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Five: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Six: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Seven: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Eight: Smash Hardwood.

Vote Nine: Smash Hardwood. “You’re just a little too hardcore for me.”

Twenty-Fifth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Smash Hardwood

No hardware this time, Smash.

Fun Fact: this was Smash’s first game anywhere. He is from neither of the Two Worlds. He was just extremely good at the game, particularly of late. This elimination blows…I was not-so-secretly cheering for him.

I have some ideas for tomorrow’s challenge, but I’ll post from the road sometime. I’m not sure when the deadlines will be. Vacation is weird.

Cheers, Survivors.