So, there are eight of you remaining. Do you know what that means?! It means I need to run a tournament.

Each of you have 100 points to spend on a single elimination tournament. You win your match by using more points in each round than your opponent. If you spend 14 on the first match and your opponent spends 10, you move on while he or she is eliminated. Once we get to the final match, the remaining player with more remaining points will be victorious and the sole winner of immunity.

This will be, though, a single submission. You will tell me how much you spend on the first round and the semifinals, and I’ll know how many points you have remaining if you make the final.

Of course, you need to see the bracket to make an informed decision. Here you go:

Beef Stew vs. Hope Martell
History of Sass vs. Interesting Salmon
Rogue Scallion vs. Graveyard Nuggets
Salamangela vs. Toothless Hustle

The winners of the first two matches meet in the semis, as do the winners of.the last two. Those winners create the final match. All you need to do is send me the numbers you’re putting up in each of the first two rounds.

If there are ties, neither person will move on, and someone will receive a bye.

This is due Monday at 9pm Central. Enjoy your weekends and drive safely. Okay, I’m posting this from La Junta, Colorado and it’s time for me to switch to driver for a few hours. Cheers, Survivors.