I hate doing this from a phone, but here we are. No intro.


Hope def. Beef 34-27
Sass def. Salmon 43-41
Nuggets def. Rogue 60-45
Salamangela def. Hustle 10-6


Sass def. Hope 38-34
Salamangela def. Nuggets 71-35


Sass vs. Salamangela 19-19

Are you kidding me? I didn’t answer AMR earlier from the road because I didn’t think it would matter, but I am awarding Immunity to both Sass and Salamangela. Vote for someone else by tomorrow (Tuesday) at 9pm Central.

I am at my mother’s lake house right now. Wow, it is calming and fantastic. I think I’ll see you all on Thursday night or maybe Sunday. How does that sound?