It’s just about time, gang. The current game should be done three weeks from now, or probably less, so I may as well let you jump in.

*No Diplochat element
*Probably no Immunity Idols, but we’ll talk.

New players, my writing seasons are solely made up of writing challenges. If this isn’t your bag, the next thing will be a Big Brother season (run by me this time) with no writing challenges. Then DK will be running Survivor XIX, which will be another strategy game season.

Angie Ardolf
Shawn Ashley
Annette Barron
Sarah Bizek
Brendan Bonham
Pete Bruzek
Bret Highum
Brooks Maki
Joshua Longman
Angela Moore
Rene Pare
Jonathon Pope
Zack Sauvageau
Eric Schapp
Roxanne Something
erik sunshine
Colin Woolston
Will Young