Whoa, kids. That vote got weird late.

Vote One: Beef Stew (missed vote).

Vote Two: Rogue Scallion.

Vote Three: Graveyard Nuggets. “For reasons not yet revealed.”

Vote Four: Rogue Scallion.

Vote Five: Rogue Scallion. “though I fully expect to be gone tonight….”

Vote Six: Rogue Scallion. “We just haven’t gelled.”

Vote Seven: Rogue Scallion. “Rogue, I hope this is the best decision, hard to know who to trust but I feel you have been living up to your name FAR too much and must leave…sorry!”

Vote Eight: Rogue Scallion. “Because utter silence means “vote Rogue”. I read that in a book.”

Twenty-Sixth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Rogue Scallion

Every time I think I’ve got this game figured out, you throw me a curveball. Stay weird, Rogue.

Okay, let’s do Hustle’s Create-a-Challenge, eh?


You’re sitting around one day minding your own business when a dog walks up to you. It looks at you with sad eyes and whines. Something is wrong! It whimpers and bats a paw at its mouth. Could it be a tooth problem?

The good news: you’re all veterinary dentists, you can help!

The bad news: dogs have 42 teeth!

In this challenge, players will need to probe to find the problem tooth, numb the affected area, and extract the tooth.

Naturally, the way to tackle this challenge is via a spreadsheet. On the spreadsheet, you’ll see 42 white cells. These are teeth.

In round 1, all players will probe. To do this, submit the coordinates of the cell you wish to probe. The outcome will be either growl or silence. Growl means you’re within 2 teeth of the correct tooth (from Kelly: this is only if you’re within two on THE SAME row. If you are, say, right above or below it, you won’t detect it. So, the known area is five teeth. The one picked, and two on each side). Silence means you’re not even close. Posted results will list player names and the dog’s response but not the cell probed. To make this a little tougher, if two or more players probe the same tooth, the dog will get mad and bite, immediately ejecting those players from the challenge. (Additional from Kelly: You will know each person’s result. However, I will NOT tell you where anyone probed unless more than one person probes the same spot)

In round 2, players can choose to either probe or numb. Probing works the same way as in round 1. To numb, the player must give the coordinates of the cell they wish to numb. They will also numb 1 space on either side of that area. More than one player can numb the same area, as this does not cause the dog pain. Posted results will list player names, action taken, and the dog’s response in the case of probes (but not the specific cell for either probes or numbing).

In round 3, players can choose to probe, numb, or extract. In this round, timing is a factor. A single tooth can only be extracted once, after all! Probing and numbing work the same as in previous rounds. The first player to give the exact coordinates for extracting the correct tooth wins so long as that area has been numbed. (The player who extracts does not have to be the player who numbed the area in the previous round.) Anyone who attempts to extract a tooth that has not been numbed will be bitten and therefore ejected. Anyone who extracts the wrong tooth will remain in the game so long as that area is numbed. (One more Kelly note: I will NOT announce that a tooth has been extracted if there is no successful extraction. This would announce to everyone else where to look).

If there hasn’t been a successful extraction after round 3, results will be posted as described for earlier rounds. The game will continue as in round 3 until one player succeeds with the extraction. This player wins sole immunity.

We will attempt to do this all in one night. The first round will be due at 7pm Central, and the second at 9. Since time is of the essence on the third, it will happen right after. I’ll just update the spreadsheet and email you all when things happen. If it doesn’t end tomorrow night, we’ll finish Thursday.

Cheers, final seven.