This game still has surprises to offer, gang. I expect the next challenge to be Sass’s Scrabble thingy but I may not post until tomorrow.

Vote One: Beef Stew. “The other red meat.”

Vote Two: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Three: Hope Martell.

Vote Four: Graveyard Nuggets.

Vote Five: Beef Stew. “I’m sorry everyone I just can’t vote to keep a nonsub in the game”

Vote Six: Graveyard Nuggets. “Sorry Nuggets it was just your time bud…”

Vote Seven: Graveyard Nuggets. “This vote doesn’t feel very good, but believe me when I say it’s meant as a compliment to your considerable skill.”

Twenty-Seventh Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Graveyard Nuggets

Damn, Graveyard Nuggets is a great name. One of the best of the season. She won’t reach the final six, though, and the rest of you have just four more challenges left! Or fewer, in some cases. It’s gotten to be a damned fine game here at the end. Hold that thought.

Cheers, Survivors.