Hmm. Not a good challenge to watch, but I’m on vacation so there’s that.

Salamangela: 2 points. Word: CLUB. Four turns.

Interesting Salmon: 5 points. Word: HOOF. Three turns. One ‘o’ was a blank tile.

Toothless Hustle: 8 points. Word: ZEAL. Three turns. The ‘e’ was a blank tile.

Hope Martell: 9 points. Word: WHAT. One turn. The ‘a’ was a blank tile.

Beef Stew: 10 points. Word: BEVY. Two turns.

The History of Sass. 13 points. Word: ZERK. Three turns.

Immunity: The History of Sass

Everyone wins their own challenge! Vote for someone else by tomorrow (Monday) at 9pm Central.