Another fun day. Yes, many of you are keeping things close to the chest and relatively quiet, but I get it. It’s been a very fun game, and good job, all of you, for outlasting 27 people.

Vote One: Beef Stew.

Vote Two: Salamangela.

Vote Three: Beef Stew.

Vote Four: Salamangela. “I don’t expect this vote to do anything, but I just can’t trust you Salamangela…sorry!”

Vote Five: Beef Stew.

Vote Six: Beef Stew.

Twenty-Eighth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVII: Beef Stew

You know what they say…Bahambo!

Okay, gang, time for a good old single-submission challenge. It’s The Medal System. We’re just a couple of weeks from a Survivor season with all writing challenges, so we might as well get in the spirit.

You have to give out five medals. Here are the medal points that each is worth:

Rhodium: 10
Platinum: 7
Gold: 5
Silver: 3
Bronze: 1

You can give them to anyone. In fact, you can give them all to the same person, if you want.

Scoring: if you receive a rhodium, great! You get ten points. However, if you receive multiple rhodiums, you get nothing for them. The highest score you can get in this challenge is 26, if you get exactly one of every type.

That’s the entire explanation. If you have questions, please send them to You have just one single day for this and it’s due Tuesday night at 9pm Central.

Ties will be broken by a second round that I would explain if necessary.

Cheers, Survivors. Final five!