Well, Smash may not be around anymore, but he left his mark on the game. Today, we do his final challenge (and we may even finish it today, since you all voted so early).

But we ahould eliminate someone first.

Vote One: Salamangela. “When you betray everyone as many times as you have, they have no loyalty left. Sorry.”

Vote Two: The History of Sass. “Whatever it’s been fun”

Vote Three: Salamangela. “Playing the game ONLY looking out for yourself is definitely one strategy and managed to get you quite far so I am impressed to some extent. But the game is also about building alliances and having SOME type of loyalty to someone OTHER than yourself. Sorry Salamangela, loyalty wins out over solo play this time. Great game though!”

Vote Four: Salamangela. “I would have voted for you sooner, but I could never remember how to spell your name. In all seriousness, you played an impressive game and were definitely a worthy opponent. Good game, man.”

Okay, this is the link to the Create a Challenge results, and near the bottom is a link to Smash’s challenge submission. There will be no changes. The first thing is due today at 5pm Central and I think we’ll finish the challenge tonight.


So there you go: one from each original tribe remains. However, you are all womenfolk. That’s just the third time that’s happened, and the first time it’s happened in a season with no writing. Well done, ladies. Now get to bombing each other.

Cheers, Survivors.