I have 23 players and will cap at 24. If you want in, it is time to say so.

For those of you who know the new players, could you have them email me? I just need their addresses. Though I suppose with this being Turbo, I’ll have access to them regardless.

Who was judging this with me? Was it Novak? (Yes.) And who else asked? I was considering having just two to cut down on the wait for posts.

Angie Ardolf
Shawn Ashley
Annette Barron
Sarah Bizek
Brendan Bonham
Pete Bruzek
Daniel Caouette
Melissa Diamond
Bret Highum
Brooks Maki
Joshua Longman
Angela Moore
Rene Pare
Jonathon Pope
Joseph Rakstad
Zack Sauvageau
Eric Schapp
Roxanne Something
erik sunshine
Jesse Vance
Colin Woolston
Will Young

23 (one spot left)