Jurors, answer your own and send them to me via email. Also, add a final plea with anything else you feel you need to cover. You’ll note not everyone asked questions and some people only asked them of one person. They were allowed to do this, so nothing is actually missing.



To Hope: When you found out my true identity, did you use that against me to try and destroy my game? Do you regret any moves or decisions you made to get where you are? Or did you in fact actually make any moves or decisions on your own before the last stage of the game? I need 100% truth because my vote is in the balance.

To Sass: You were loyal the entire time we played together, and so much fun to play with…After I was booted by the idol, I knew anyone aligned with me was in trouble but I expected one or two to slip through the cracks if they could play it right…and here you are! I couldn’t be more proud of you or happy to see you in the final two. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. That being said my question is if you could replace Hope with any two jurors to make it a final 3, who do you think deserves the spots? (I’m not fishing for you to answer me, so don’t feel obligated to include me in that if I’m not your answer) Congrats, Sass!


Ok here are my questions for the jury!

Congratulations to both Sass and Hope for making it to the final 2. I have one question for each of you.

Sass: You played a virtually invisible game early on, and I didn’t hear much of or about you until the end of the game. I don’t doubt that there is a strategic player deep down, but I haven’t had the chance to see it. Before I can consider voting for you, I need to hear more about you and why you deserve my vote. My question to you is what was your strategy initially coming into this season and how did it change as the season progressed?

Hope: We did talk on a few occasions, and from what I can tell you are a decent person; however, I saw nothing from you game wise. I’m not one to usually take crazy risks in my games *chuckles* but at least I think for myself. It didn’t seem like you were making decisions for yourself at all! Instead, it seemed like every decision was being made for you and you were simply “riding coattails to the end” as they would say on the show, so frustrating to watch quite honestly. I would like to know if there was any game move, or decision for that matter, that you made on your own? I’m sorry, but I just don’t see you as someone who did much when at all game wise, prove me wrong.


Congratulations to both of you! Making it to the end is not easy, so the fact that you both were able to make it is impressive. That being said I have a question for each of you, my mind is not made up and the way you answer mine as well as others will determine who gets my vote to win.

Sass: my fellow c.I member! I am so happy to see you making it to the end, slowly the alliance crumbled and I felt I would be seeing you on the jury, so I am relieved you’re not! What would you say you are most proud about of your gameplay? And if you could change one thing about it what would you do?

Hope: I view your game differently then I do with Sass. From my perspective you stuck with your alliance and was too scared to make moves until you were forced to. Was that your plan the whole time? Get into an alliance and slip through to the end? Or did you end up doing that just as an easy way out?

Good luck to you both may the best win!


This question goes to both finalists:

You’re trapped in a basement that’s filling up with water and your leg is caught. It’s filling fast and your only hope of escape is the window above you. There’s a zombie coming at you, ready to make a sandwich out of your face. You have only 2 things within reach to use. You must use one to fight the zombie, but using it will render it useless in your escape from the basement. The other must be used in some way after killing the zombie. The two items are a flotation device and a baby harp seal. What do you do, and why?

Hard question from Hardwood.


Sass, you were ostensibly collaborating with Hope in the final challenge. So why were you feeding info to Toothless via coded messages in the group chat?

Another question for Sass:
Once the game got down to the final 5 players, you had a clear path to the end. But what about before that? How clear of an endgame plan did you have, and what key actions did you take to act on that plan?


my question for Hope: you made such a big deal all game about loyalty. So why did you turn on Nuggets, causing her to be eliminated?


To Hope: Describe your strategy after the Smash elimination. What was your strategy to stay in the game, and what did you do to put yourself in the best position possible?


Both: What significant alliances did you make throughout the game? What made them work/not work and how did you use those alliances to your advantage?

Both: Describe your strategy and how it developed during the course of the game.
Which challenge was the most important for you and why?


Both: Who was your greatest influencer pre and post merge, and how did you compensate when they were voted out? Also who were you most successful influencing?