Jurors, my apologies for the insane length of this post. Finalists, I am very pleased by your commitment to the game, and that you’re trying to win. Onward!

Hello members of the jury, I want to thank you for your time and your consideration in this final vote for Sole Survivor. Thanks also to Kelly for running a great game! This was my first Spooky experience and though there were moments I just wanted to run screaming (like twice, ok maybe three), it was a wonderful experience. I was quite impressed at the creativity and wittiness that this game included. Ok, enough of all that….on to what you came here for….the question answers! 🙂


To Sass: You were loyal the entire time we played together, and so much fun to play with…After I was booted by the idol, I knew anyone aligned with me was in trouble but I expected one or two to slip through the cracks if they could play it right…and here you are! I couldn’t be more proud of you or happy to see you in the final two. You’ve worked hard and you deserve it. That being said my question is if you could replace Hope with any two jurors to make it a final 3, who do you think deserves the spots? (I’m not fishing for you to answer me, so don’t feel obligated to include me in that if I’m not your answer) Congrats, Sass!

Thanks Reese! My, you were my GO TO guy for the first half of the game, that’s for sure! Thank you for the congratulations and compliments. We bonded while in our CI tribe together and that carried over into the merge. Once we hit the merge, I did remain loyal but that also involved me not really forming my own relationships which did cause me some problems once you were gone! Being so closely tied to you made me someone people were quite unsure of and I fought that with pretty much everyone until very late in the game. First, if Hope wasn’t in the picture, I would have chosen Toothless. She was hands down my number one competition but at the same time, I absolutely loved her humor and loved working with her. I think she would be VERY deserving of being in this very spot right now. The second one is difficult. Reese I felt you worked EXTREMELY hard but maybe a bit TOO hard. I think you spread yourself a bit thin trying to befriend everyone. Hard work will get you far but so will being a surprise and silent force in the game. Salamangela, you would be another I would consider worthy of being here as well. I am not sure how you got as far as you got other than you obviously worked extremely hard at forming pseudo-alliances EXACTLY at the right times. With as many times as you did that, I find it hard to believe it was just luck. Great job to all three of you. Sorry Reese, you and Sal need to share that second spot…I can’t decide. 🙂


Ok here are my questions for the jury!

Congratulations to both Sass and Hope for making it to the final 2. I have one question for each of you.

Sass: You played a virtually invisible game early on, and I didn’t hear much of or about you until the end of the game. I don’t doubt that there is a strategic player deep down, but I haven’t had the chance to see it. Before I can consider voting for you, I need to hear more about you and why you deserve my vote. My question to you is what was your strategy initially coming into this season and how did it change as the season progressed?

Well thanks Harold! 🙂 I absolutely agree. Inside my alliance I felt I was fairly active. Once we hit merge, I definitely laid back. Reese was busy busy busy making alliances and deals and formulating targets and I actually had about 4 weeks of work in which I was traveling which did come into play at that time. It became easy to just “go along” with what my alliance wanted to do which pretty much consisted of a few alliance members communicating through Reese. The only person I actually was communicating with at this time was Reese which led me to the problems I already discussed. Although devastating at the time, I think Reese getting voted out (sorry Reese!) was a pivotal turning point in my game. My strategy was stay loyal to my alliance and try to keep everyone together. Our CI tribe was a bit volatile which stemmed from losing quite a few challenges in a row. We quickly burned through the non-subs and had to vote out key players which was difficult. So I clung to the only person I thought was a definite ally and that was Reese. Once he left, I had to make a decision….give up and get voted out or fight back. I had a couple days I thought giving up was the better option haha, but then I left all my cards on the table to quite a few people that I reached out to. I kept my remaining CI members as close as possible and actively went after a few others. Toothless and Rogue I worked the hardest on. I was COMPLETELY honest and at some points actually got to the point of begging hahaha. I just adopted the “I have nothing to lose” attitude and kept moving forward. I tried to maintain as much honesty as possible in the game and also tried to not make promises I couldn’t keep, which brings us to this final tribal. 🙂


Congratulations to both of you! Making it to the end is not easy, so the fact that you both were able to make it is impressive. That being said I have a question for each of you, my mind is not made up and the way you answer mine as well as others will determine who gets my vote to win.

Sass: my fellow c.I member! I am so happy to see you making it to the end, slowly the alliance crumbled and I felt I would be seeing you on the jury, so I am relieved you’re not! What would you say you are most proud about of your gameplay? And if you could change one thing about it what would you do?

Awww Hey You….thanks! Hmmm….well I am the most proud that I persevered. There was a point as discussed earlier that literally my ENTIRE game rested on Reese. I am not proud of that, but when he was voted out, it made me work the hardest I have ever worked in a game before. And what would I change? I would have talked to Smash…your challenge CRACKED me up and so does your question. I do regret that we never talked in this game!


This question goes to both finalists:

You’re trapped in a basement that’s filling up with water and your leg is caught. It’s filling fast and your only hope of escape is the window above you. There’s a zombie coming at you, ready to make a sandwich out of your face. You have only 2 things within reach to use. You must use one to fight the zombie, but using it will render it useless in your escape from the basement. The other must be used in some way after killing the zombie. The two items are a flotation device and a baby harp seal. What do you do, and why?

Hard question from Hardwood.

Hmmmmmmm….Ok so my first inclination was to say, “Nooooo not a baby seal! You cant harm a seal!!” I thought about how I could use the flotation device to kill a zombie. Then I thought…”Well that’s dumb, how does one KILL a zombie with a flotation device?” I thought about this question throughout the day until it hit me! DUH! Look, if you are forced with drowning and/or being eaten by a zombie, who cares what PETA might say, I’m using that baby seal to club the zombie to death and riding that flotation device up to the window to escape!


Sass, you were ostensibly collaborating with Hope in the final challenge. So why were you feeding info to Toothless via coded messages in the group chat?

Hah! Now HERE is my hardest question….

Well, to be honest, I had a really hard time when you voted me out. I VERY much enjoyed working with you and was COMPLETELY blindsided with that. We had a final two deal at that point and even though I could see what was going on around me with my allies being taken out, I still thought you had planned on that alliance. I VERY much wanted to be sitting next to you in this final (no offense Hope) but you betrayed me and Hope had (in the sake of saving her own butt) become quite loyal in the last few votes of this game. I do credit her for sticking by me and for any part she had in Sal flipping on you and Salmon. That was a welcome surprise but also knew that was the best move for Sal’s personal game so we had a good shot at it. It was that night that I knew our final two was over. Although I respected your loyalty to Salmon, I had a new loyalty to Hope. But that didn’t mean there wasn’t still a part of me that wanted to be in the finals with you. But I had already made a clear promise to Hope that if her or I won final challenge we would take each other. I suppose I dropped hints/clues in main chat because I wanted you to have a chance at the finals too, all the while still trying to not upset Hope.

Another question for Sass:
Once the game got down to the final 5 players, you had a clear path to the end. But what about before that? How clear of an endgame plan did you have, and what key actions did you take to act on that plan?

I NEVER had the finals in my endgame plan, I never thought it would be possible. I know I already beat this into the ground in earlier questions but first, this was a VERY different format for me. I spent the first few weeks getting used to it, being as active in the challenges as possible although I was actually quite intimidated by those that I felt knew these games much better than I. I held my own for the most part within our tribe but then clung to Reese a bit too much post-merge. Once he was voted out, like I said there was a fire lit under me. I had no end game still….I just knew that I wasn’t going down without a fight. Every challenge that came up, I tried my best for immunity. I tried gaining allies, kept people close that I trusted and HOPED trusted me, and just basically took each challenge and vote as it came until we got down to the final 6 or 7 and then it became pretty real to me. I had managed to stay under the radar for most of the game surprisingly and it was probably the first time I thought I had a shot.


Both: What significant alliances did you make throughout the game? What made them work/not work and how did you use those alliances to your advantage?

Well, I discussed the Reese alliance at length already. It worked at the time but definitely would not have worked long term. It was imperative to my game to separate myself from that alliance and form my own relationships. Post Reese alliance, I tried to stick to my CI alliance of Hey You and Rogue with a side of Beef added in there for good measure….haha. Beef had been very quiet but I knew they had worked with Reese in the past and I definitely had to gather forces. This was also about the time where Toothless and I started talking more frequently which didn’t result in voting help initially but I believe greatly helped keeping me off the radar as she was working that angle with the “other side” for me. Then lastly, the most unlikely alliance Hope and I. Hope came to us out of desperation at the point she saw her tribe being taken out. Her and I got quite close in spite of many times offering her name up to vote out! So yes, it was a bit shocking but definitely worked for us apparently!

Both: Describe your strategy and how it developed during the course of the game.
Which challenge was the most important for you and why?

My strategy was to remain loyal, fly under the radar and then it turned into fighting for people’s trust and allegiance for the remainder of the game. I believe the most important challenge for me was the create-a-challenge. This is probably going to sound dumb and corny but I consider Kelly and his group to be writers, analytical, creative thinkers and as mentioned I was pretty intimidated early on. Winning one of the immunities with my own creative submission meant a lot. I think that is when I first started thinking….maybe I did have a shot at this game. I know I know…I told ya it was corny lol. But YOU asked the question! 🙂


Both: Who was your greatest influencer pre and post merge, and how did you compensate when they were voted out? Also who were you most successful influencing?

Hey Rogue! Well I feel bad because as I get to the bottom, my answers get shorter and shorter with all that I have covered already. By now you all probably have deduced that my greatest influencer pre and post merge was Reese and you should personally know how I compensated as you were one that I was actively trying to convince of my loyalty. I never quite got the feeling you ever believed me though but I sure tried like hell to convince you! 🙂 I have to say I think Beef and Hope were the two that really truly believed what I was saying and took me at my word and were both willing to go with my instincts. I appreciate that!

Final Plea:

Well gang, its been a wild ride that’s for sure. I am not sure really what else I can reveal or say to convince you all. I really tried to be loyal and as honest as possible in this game. I have a hard time lying or stretching the truth…gives me all these guilt feelings that I hate and I am really bad at it so I ALWAYS get caught, haha!!! I really had an AMAZING experience playing with all of you and very humbly ask you to consider voting for Sass! 🙂 Hopefully I will see many of you again in another Spookymilk Production!! Thanks again Kelly, you da best!

Peace out,

History of Sass



When I discovered who I thought you were, just before the hiding yourself challenge I

did tell at least nuggets who I thought you were. I do not know if this information spread to the

rest of my alliance but I suspect it did. And yes, in a way I did it to destroy your game because I

saw you as a major threat to me and my alliance at that point as I suspected you were running

the other alliance.

It’s not exactly a move, but something I would regret is the fact that I limited

conversations I had with people outside of my alliance because that put I in a worse position

after nuggets was voted out. A move that I made was early on seeing that the alliance of Sala

smash nuggets and robo was a lot stronger than the alliance I had sort of agreed to earlier with

grain biscuits and classified, but I decided that later in the game it would benefit me more to be

with people who had experience over people who seemed to be spending most of their time

spreading rumors and generally not participating in challenges etc. as much. Also, I suspected

that putting myself with stronger people might end in them being out before me as this is

survivor and we all know threats are often voted out for being threats. Had I not made that

decision to align with them, I doubt I would be here.


I don’t think you can say that I made no moves. In a way, the concept of playing the first

half of the game in the shadows like I chose to do was a move, and an important one. As I said

before, in this game of survivor people who were perceived as threats were taken out as soon

as possible. This was evident when people like Robo and Reese were getting voted out. By

staying in the shadows I avoided being targeted for being strong which allowed me to get to the

end of the game. Also, at top seven when it was obvious that nuggets and I were alone I made

the decision to vote with sass and toothless against him. This let me gain a foothold to form a

relationship with sass that got me here to the end. Had I not gone against nuggets and showed

that I would vote anyone to better my own chances, I don’t doubt I would not be here right



I am not going to lie and say I didn’t stick with my alliance because I did. I am however

going to say my loyalty to them and the fact that I did end up a little bit of an afterthought was

part of my strategy after merge. Before merge, I actually had no idea where I fit into my

alliance. Being a new person in this game I was a little out of my depth at the start so I hoped

that working with people who had experience would benefit my game. So, at the start of the

game I didn’t really have a plan any farther than to take how I played this game one vote at a

time, the way I always do. In this game for me anyway since it changes SO much that really the

chance of everything in the future going according to plan is so slim, I see it as being better to

not plan ahead. So no I wouldn’t say I planned how this game went from the start. I also didn’t

hide myself in my alliance in a sense as a “easy way out” I used the fact that everyone saw

people like robo and nuggets and smash as threats to make it less likely I would be targeted so I

would be able to get farther and be able to later build relationships with people who were less

of threats, like sass, to help myself try and make it to the end, and win.


First off, it would depend on if my leg was so stuck that even if the zombie didn’t eat

me, I’d drown. Also, if the window was locked or not would be important as to how I would

escape. But…I would grab onto the baby seal and let him pull me free and drag me in circles till

the zombie drowned. Zombies can drown right? I say they can. Anyway, after this I would use

the life preserver to float up to the window and either open it to crawl out, or if it was locked,

paddle while smashing the window and then crawling out. Also, this is the most awesome

survivor jury question ever.


I made the decision to vote nuggets out because I saw two things. The first was that no

matter what I did, she’d be out. This was actually wrong as I didn’t know salmon was going to

vote me and Sal was going to vote beef but at the time I thought that it didn’t matter what I

did, she was doomed. Also, I hoped by voting with people like sass and toothless I would be

able to form relationships with them in this game to better my own position and give me a shot

to make my way to the end I would have had otherwise. The second thing I knew was that we

were seen as being a close pair since we had been allied for so long. I realized this could have

detrimental effects on my later game since I have often seen people who are close allies to

threats be voted out simply to weaken the other alliances target. So in short, it was top seven.

I made the decision that would better my game.


After the smash elimination, I suspected I was basically doomed if I stayed with nuggets.

So I made the incredibly difficult decision to go to toothless, and later to sass, and tell them I

am with you guys to vote out any person who is not me right now. I sort of adopted Sandra’s

strategy of as long as it isn’t me. To put myself in the best position, I looked at how that side

was lining up. It seemed like it was sass and beef close together and salmon and toothless close

together, with sal kind of floating around a bit. By putting myself with sass after beef was voted

out, I was with a person who wasn’t a huge threat, but who I knew I could make trust me and

get to take me to the end should she win the final challenge like she did, using my strategy

actually. This was another way for me to convince her to take me in the end, by basically

planning that entire final challenge for us in a way that led her to win it. Clearly, my efforts

were successful since I am here in the final.


I made two alliances in this game that were significant. The first was the avengers

alliance with myself, Sala, smash, nuggets, and robo. What made this alliance work was a

couple of social and strategical powerhouses in nuggets and robo. I used this alliance in the

sense that hiding behind said great players meant when we were inevitably targeted, I would

not be at the top of the list to be voted out. This let me fight for later relationships and

generally gave me a better chance. I feel in the end the reason this alliance was unable to make

it to the end together was the fact that nuggets robo and smash were all seen as major threats.

Robo going out at top fourteen was the first hard blow to us. However, we rebounded and the

rest of us made top nine together. That’s when sal flipped, toothless and salmon flipped back,

and the whole alliance crumbled.

The other alliance I made was my alliance with sass. This alliance, though much shorter

than my other alliance, was more successful and ultimately more important. I really only

started talking to Sass after I helped her and toothless vote nuggets out, and I could tell she was

still incredibly close to toothless which worried me. However, at the top five vote when we

went after salmon, toothless voted for her, along with salmon. I voted with her to get rid of

toothless, and Sala ended up voting with us to get a major threat out of the game. After that,

we ended up making a final two alliance that I wasn’t sure I trusted. At top four, I pushed to

vote toothless out but we ultimately decided Sala’s flipping habits were a liability. At final two,

I helped Sass to win immunity. Ultimately, my decisions working with Sass led to me being here

in the final two so I wouldn’t say much of that alliance was unsuccessful. I used that alliance to

go to the end with a person who wasn’t a huge threat and who I thought and hoped I have a

chance of winning over. However, I also ended up here with a person who, if she wins, will

have deserved it. I hate people who don’t deserve it winning.


My strategy in this game, as I said before, was to allow people I was allied with to make

themselves large threats to allow myself to make it farther and have a better chance. However,

I was also trying to be loyal this changed throughout the game because in the end I ended up

putting loyalty behind my own success in a way. I mean that as I put being able to have a

chance to do well over being loyal to nuggets, the person I’d spent the whole game allied with.

The challenge I feel was the most important in my game is the final challenge for two

reasons. First, because this was the only challenge this game I felt confident I could win or let

my ally win and secondly because this was the challenge that got me here. I looked at that

challenge as a big puzzle. What spots made it easy to find ourselves, what gave us the best

chance to find her, etc. This allowed Sass to win the challenge. Had Toothless won, I would

probably be on the jury right now.


My greatest influencer pre merge was probably Robo, because I spent the most time

discussing strategy with her and was the closest to her out of our alliance. When she was voted

out, I compensated by forming better relationships with others in my alliance like nuggets and

Sala. I always had less contact with Smash mostly because in the beginning he’d shown less so

I’d already sort of talked more with Robo, Nuggets, and Sala. Post merge and post Robo going

out I’d have to say my greatest influencer was probably Nuggets. I say this for two reasons.

First, Nuggets was the unofficial leader of our alliance at least in my eyes, and secondly out of

that alliance I stayed working with her the longest, right up until I made the very difficult

decision to vote her out.

On who I was most successful influencing…I would have to say Sass in a way. I never

spoke to Sass besides saying hello until top six, after nuggets went out. We started talking

quite a bit about strategy in general for the game. Then, at top five when toothless voted her I

realized that could be an opportunity for me because toothless had debatably been the closest

person to her. When she betrayed Sass, I managed to put myself in the position of going to the

final with sass if that was an option.

Final Plea:

I want to point something about Sass’s game out here. At top five, it was her, me,

Salmon, Toothless, and Sala. Toothless and Salmon had voted her. Sal and Sass voted Salmon.

Had I voted Sass with Salmon, she would not be here. I’m not saying this to argue the decision

I’m made I’m saying it to say without me she would not have made it here. Without her I might

still have been able to make the end or at least to get rather close. This I feel attests to the fact

that I made decisions in this game to put myself at the end with the best possible chance of

winning this game, or at least being able to try. By making Sass trust me by voting with her

when her closest ally did not, my idea of getting her to take me to the end if I could not win the

final challenge was successful. By making decisions like that I was able to make it to the final

when only a few votes before I had been alone and had a real chance of being voted out. Jury,

thank you for considering voting for me and I hope I answered all of your questions