This will be a catch-all post for how werewolf works – both in general, and for this game specifically.

Hopefully the four new folks among you have read a rundown of the rules under the link at the top of the site. If not, it’s a good idea in case I miss anything here.

There are thirteen players – ten salmon (usually villagers), and three sturgeon (usually called wolves). The wolves know the identities of the other wolves. Salmon don’t know the identities of anyone else. Your job throughout the day is to vote for someone to be “lynched” (I’ll change to something more fish-related like “hooked”) during the day. DAY runs from 9am Central (or thereabouts) until 9pm Central, usually. At the end of the day, the person with the most votes against him or her is lynched, and I announce their role. If a majority is reached before then, that person will be lynched at the end of the day. Everyone else can continue to talk, but the lynched person cannot. Day will end at the announced time.

During NIGHT, the sturgeon will choose someone to kill. SO, during each day/night cycle, two people are eliminated: one for sure will be a salmon, and the other could be either.

So how do you find sturgeon? Voting patterns. Late moves. Strange speech. There are many ways. Don’t worry if you can’t figure out most of them; a lot of people play constantly and still have trouble. It’s a hard game.

The game ends when either all the sturgeon are killed (salmon win), or the sturgeon outnumber the salmon, or match their number (sturgeon win).

Voting on my site requires HTML, which is code that you probably haven’t used before. It’s simple. Here is how your votes should look. If you’re on a phone or anything, and it’s a huge pain or you just aren’t getting it, I’ll possibly allow all-caps instead.


For this, game specifically:

10 salmon, 3 sturgeon.

Salmon with special roles:

Private Angel. This salmon has a special ability where every night, he is allowed to protect one person. That person will survive if the sturgeon attempt to night-kill him or her. Private Angel is revered in the salmon military, but since there are no ranks between Private and General, he or she’s never been promoted.

Private Vision. This salmon has a special ability where every night (including the night before the game), he can peek at a player and will be told the player’s role. Private Vision is revered in the salmon military, but since there are no ranks between Private and General, he or she’s never been promoted.

All other Salmon are simply Privates with no special abilities.


Salamangela. This sturgeon is a master of disguise. If Private Vision peeks at him or her, Vision will be told Salamangela is a salmon.

Kelp Warfare Sturgeon. During the day, KWS will email me privately to distract a player with kelp. That player will be told (also privately, by me) that he or she cannot speak, unless it’s to change a vote, until the final hour of the day. KWS is allowed to use this move on either a salmon or a sturgeon, and is not required to do it at all, if he or she doesn’t want to. If KWS makes it to a final three, this will no longer be in play.

Propaganda Sturgeon. During the day, PS will email me privately to give me a name of a person who has to go to and create a meme praising sturgeon within the next 24 hours. It will not effect the game unless the person doesn’t comply, in which case he or she is mod-killed. PS can do this to either salmon or sturgeon. This will be out of play if PS makes it to a final day, because there’s no next day. Ahem.


That’s the game. Roles will be sent out very soon.