It has come to my attention that a few of the new people really aren’t sure how to play yet, regardless of role differences, if any. New players, read the post before this to understand how it works; the regulars will jump in and talk today and you’ll hopefully get the hang of it before long.

Important: you win or lose with your side. If you are a salmon, then you win if the salmon win, whether you’re alive or not. You are NOT trying to stay alive at the cost of your side, if you’re a salmon. You are trying to be on the winning side, and anything you can do to accomplish that, including various ways to sacrifice yourself, are worthwhile.

“At ease, men,” General Salmon boomed. General Salmon was the only salmon general in all of Salmonopolis, which has a very inefficient military model. He addressed his eight million Privates further: “We have word that the sturgeon menace has infiltrated our ranks. There are three sturgeon among us, and we have to eradicate them.”

Somewhere deep in formation, Private Langley turned to his right and said “Oh no! What do we do?”

“We take a vote and kill one during the day, and hopefully we get lucky,” a sturgeon said, muffled, through a crappy salmon mask that a better private would have picked up on.

Fun Fact: Salmon were the first inhabitants of the Earth, so it is imperative that we preserve their history. Save the salmon, everyone. Unless you’re sturgeon, in which case you should consider wiping them out.

***IT IS DAY***

And seriously, if you haven’t read the post below this one, and you haven’t played before, PLEASE do so now.

Seven votes is a majority. NIGHT will fall at 9pm Central. I’ll be at work until 6 or so, so someone should gather votes. A regular, probably Brooks if history is any indication, will do this.

The field:

Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate
Stacy Snell