Surprise! The game is starting. A few quick comments:

Judges are Matt Novak and myself. You’ll hate us both at times; this is inevitable. In Matt’s case, sometimes it’ll even be because of his judging! (I’ll be hacking on Matt a lot this season. It’s in the contract).

Getting your stories judged can be an emotional thing. I get it, believe me. My best advice is to remember that Novak and I are just two dudes in the entire world, and if we just don’t “feel” your story, it might be on us, even though I won’t admit it at first.

When you get a challenge, I won’t announce what it is. I will simply give you a time frame, word limit (if any) and a deadline to have everything done. You will send an email, empty if you like, to the following address to get the challenge:

PLEASE note the “two” there, because some of you will have the email address from Beau’s season autosaved.

DO NOT send your email until you absolutely have enough time at that moment to finish the challenge. If you don’t finish (and send back the story) within the allotted time, you are disqualified and cannot win medals.

Scoring: The medal system. Half of you will get medals, and they will be split as equally as possible. For this one, each of us will give out twelve medals: four gold (five points each), four silver (three points) and four bronze (one point). You are not “graded” for these – you are in direct competition for medals against the other writers.

For this challenge, the top four scorers will be captains that will draft their tribes based on the stories presented. After that, we’ll get to the team portion of the game, which will be explained when the time comes.



Time limit: 30 minutes
Deadline: Monday the 3rd at 7pm Central. Your story must be SENT BACK by this time, not begun.
Word limit: None. I’ll probably regret that, and go back to word limits soon.


Send an email to when you’re ready to do it. Don’t ever send completed stories back to me, because judges read these anonymously.

If you don’t do this challenge, you will receive a penalty during the first challenge once the team portion starts.

Game on, Survivors! If you have questions, please ask them below as soon as possible. Cheers.

Also, a big thank you goes out to Beau, who introduced the idea of Turbo Survivor as well as the medal system, which everyone both loves and hates. Always grateful, man.