We’ll call it “Challenge One” since the season is actually starting now. Tribes, wooooo

The players on each tribe are listed in alphabetical order. I will not announce captains or draft order. If you all want to share what you wrote, you’re allowed, but you certainly don’t have to. Captains, you have a pass chip available so if someone’s going to miss a challenge, you’re allowed to save them with this and have them essentially not count for that challenge. If you don’t use it, they’ll be considered a nonsub as normal, and your tribe will automatically have to vote someone out, and fall below any other tribe that may have scored worse on the whole.

People who miss the challenge will, when the vote comes, automatically vote for themselves. Nonsubs are almost always voted out, so keep that in mind.

Dammit, spooky, get to the tribes and challenge! Okay, okay…


Annette Barron
Pete Bruzek
Daniel Caouette
Roxanne Lewis
Angela Moore
Zack Sauvageau


Melissa Diamond
Danyel Logue
Brooks Maki
Rene Pare
Jesse Vance
Colin Woolston


Brendan Bonham
Bret Highum
Jonathon Pope
Eric Schapp
erik sunshine
Will Young


Shawn Ashley
Brian David
Jordan Graham
Joshua Longman
Joe Rakstad

On Naming Tribes: Tribes are named by their members, not by me. You can get together and come up with one, and when you have one, pass it along and I’ll update the sidebar with the new season and tribe names. Soon after this post, you’ll all get emails from me containing all the members of your tribe, so you know how to contact them.

As for the challenge, I’ll make it due by Sunday night at 7pm Central. That’s a while, I guess, but Saturday night deadlines have never been popular, and I work that night anyway.


Word Limit: 200 (lesson learned)
Time Limit: 25 Minutes


Send an email to turbosurvivortwo@gmail.com whenever you’re ready.

Cheers, Survivors.