Ah, there we go…another long and pointless day of work is over.

Vote One: Eric Schapp.

Vote Two: Eric Schapp. “I vote Eric. Yep, the one with the C. I double-checked.”

Vote Three: Eric Schapp.

Vote Four: Eric Schapp. “FWIW YMMV. tbh af IDK. smdh.”

Vote Five: Eric Schapp. “Myself. For general ineptitude.”

Schappster, I still love your weirdness.

Fifth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Eric Schapp

Your next challenge is a bit on the lighter side of things; I dug the last prompt, but it probably deserved more words. This one is perfect for a very short story, though, so here you go.


Word Limit: 300
Time Limit: 35 minutes


You have until Monday night at 9pm Central. Cheers, Survivors.