Vote One: Roxanne Lewis (missed vote).

Vote Two: Roxanne Lewis.

Vote Three: Roxanne Lewis.

Vote Four: Roxanne Lewis. “My vote is, regrettably, for Roxanne. I hope she will come back and try again.”

Vote Five: Roxanne Lewis. “This vote is no fun. I’ve enjoyed playing with you, and hope to do so again soon.”

Sixth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Roxanne Lewis

So the rest of you have outlasted a quarter of the field, all while doing very, very little strategy unless you’re hiding it from me. But hey, there’s nothing wrong with a lighthearted game on the heels of two crazy ones, right?

Speaking of lighthearted, the prompt is as light and fluffy as they come. This should work your mind in a much different way, and will allow (or…force) many of you to branch out into another style.


TIME LIMIT: 30 Minutes
WORD LIMIT: None, exactly…it’s explained when you get the prompt


Have these done by Friday night at 10pm Central. I don’t get off work until then, so I may as well hand you the extra hour.

Cheers, Survivors.