For the first time this season, a tribe shrinks to three:

Vote One: Danyel Logue. (missed vote)

Vote Two: Danyel Logue. “I feel a little gross about this vote, as Danyel seems like a good person, and is writing well. But…”

Vote Three: Danyel Logue. “I feel like the non-subs really put us in a shitty situation, and this is the result. Whether it’s me or her that goes, this … is not fun.”

Vote Four: Danyel Logue. “Never trust a person whose name could be a cute play on words.”

Seventh Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Danyel Logue

Today I learned that a couple of people on the tribe were misinformed about Danyel’s gender (I feel your pain, Danyel). So…I think that may go a long way toward explaining just how little interpersonal communication has happened so far. I hate to see a new person go, especially one who was showing up and acquitting herself well. But them’s the breaks.


New challenge.

Because Novak has some lame-ass important deadline Thursday that will be pretty intense, this is the lowest word limit, by far, that you will get all season. I was in a position where I either had to make a six-day challenge or make a challenge with an extremely low word limit. I have a micro-challenge I’ve saved for a rainy day, and that’s what you’ve got here. However, your word limit on the following challenge will be sizable, as an apology for this one.

Just try not to get eliminated between now and then, eh?


TIME LIMIT: 15 minutes


This will be stressful, and indeed, it’s supposed to be.

It’s due Tuesday night at 9pm Central.

Cheers, Survivors.