It was a clear black night in the Lecheville ‘hood
Where violence is natural, and rhyme understood;
Three dark figures emerged from the woods –
They were looking for blood, and the pickings were good.

They wanted no gold or goods or plunder
They wanted fresh meat they could rend asunder
The promise of blood had been too much to ignore;
The night life was hopping; the wolves knew the score.


Okay, so this game is Werewolf: Rap Battles.

Each day, a person is randomly nominated by to choose two people to have a rap battle. Those two must send an 8-to-16 line rap to me about a particular subject (different each day).

The raps must be done by 5pm Central or the people chosen will be mod-killed. The winner of the rap battle (chosen by me) will be immune from ANY VOTES THAT DAY, AS WELL AS NIGHT-KILL.

If you don’t get an email to choose rap battlers within the first hour, it isn’t you that’s on the hook to do it. The chooser will not be revealed. The chosen always will.

There is a neutral in this game. It is up to them whether they want to share any information they have, or not. If the neutral wins his or her game, he will be removed.

There are fourteen of you:

The Dread Pirate

NIGHT falls at 9pm Central. Timestamping applies. If a vote is cast after I call NIGHT but is still cast at 9:00, it will count.

Does anyone have any basic questions? Ask them of me.

If you are nominated today, your rap must be boasting about yourself. Yes, that’s an easy one, but it IS the first day, after all.

***IT IS DAY***