Okay, gang, we’re a third of the way through the lot of you with this elimination. So that means strategy is coming, right?

Vote One: Daniel Caouette.

Vote Two: Pete Bruzek. “Pete! *falls on sword*”

Vote Three: Daniel Caouette.

Vote Four: Daniel Caouette. “Painfully, I vote Daniel. Wish it could be otherwise.”

Those vote comments were too boring considering a loud and absurd guy is getting eliminated.

Eighth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Daniel Caouette

So last week he left my store for another one, and this week he leaves the game? We’re going to have to hang out more now.

Ooooooookay. So I promised you more words this time, so I guess I better hold up my end of that bargain after two very light challenges. Besides, I need a long deadline because Fridays and Saturdays are horrible for me for judging right now. Note that the challenge will be due at 7pm Sunday, as I want a lot of time to look at them.


Word Limit: 600
Time Limit: 50 minutes


Time to get real again, Survivors. I hope you’ve got some pent-up energy for longer form challenges. For new and newish players, we get much more generous with the word limits later on, so if this feels short, trust that bigger ones are coming. If you reach the final bunch, you will see word limits disappear entirely.

Cheers, Survivors. And remember that it’s 7pm Central on Sunday.