Argh…long night, what with the working late and the Werewolfing and whatnot. Let’s burn someone and get on with it.

Vote One: Bret Highum. “The silence is deafening and concerns me greatly.”

Vote Two: Will Young. “Pretty sure he’s the captain, but that pass chip isn’t very likely to help us anymore.”

Vote Three: Will Young.

Vote Four: Will Young. “Numbers game only.”

Ninth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Will Young

Well, Will won’t be able to work his chaotic magic at the end of this turbo season, I guess. Sad, really. And yes, this is the elimination of our a captain. Will wrote one of the really great Clem stories.

So, the new challenge.


TIME LIMIT: 30 minutes


Hopefully I struck the right balance between my sleep needs and the word limit. I can’t stand having this many closing shifts in a row, gang.

It’s due Friday night at 10pm Central. I don’t want it to be that long, but every other night leading up to then will get far too late.

Cheers, final fifteen. Are you thinking about the merge yet? It seems like you might be.