This is how the roles will work for the game that starts tomorrow. You’re probably all asleep, but this is what happens when I have to close a bunch of nights in a week.

This game is based on Final Fantasy IV (which was originally Final Fantasy II in the states, but that’s an entirely different conversation).

We have 9 villagers, 3 wolves and a neutral.

Two villagers have special roles:

Cecil. Cecil is a Paladin, and a true hero. In fact, his heroism is so obvious that if he announces that he’s Cecil, I will confirm publicly that this is true.
Kain. Kain’s special power in the game is “Jump,” where he jumps up off the screen for an attack. Kain can decide to Jump at any time. If he jumps during the day, he wipes away votes and cannot be lynched. I would announce that Kain had jumped, thus effectively naming his role.

If Kain jumps during NIGHT (he or she can announce the intent to jump that night to me via email, even if it’s still day), there are two possibilities. If he jumps and is not targeted, he will come down and land on the concrete and die, which is additional to any night kill that happens. If he jumps and IS targeted, he will not only live and nullify the night kill, but will learn the identities of two people – one random villager and one random wolf.


The wolves all have roles.

Rubicant: Rubicant is a pretty cool boss, and kind of frightening, by 16-bit standards. He has a fire attack that’s pretty hard to endure. Rubicant can cast this fire attack (privately, to me) at any time of day and silence someone with it, whether wolf or villager (or himself). The affected person cannot change or place a vote, or activate a special power during the day. Anything done before, though – whether power or voting – is still good. Rubicant cannot use this power on a “deciding” day, since allowing him to silence someone before voting on a deciding day would break the game.
Cal and Brena. These two combine to make an evil doll midway through the game called “Calbrena,” obviously. Cal and Brena are relatively weak before coming together, but are extremely strong after the merge. This is going to be…a weird power. Cal and Brena can come together at any time as long as both of them say “ACTIVATE CALBRENA” and if they do so, they will immediately kill Kain, and there will still be a night-kill. I’m not sure if there are situations where this would ever be worth using, but I want to find out. Naturally, this exposes both of them, but killing Kain might be tempting in the right situation, so…maybe?

Calbrena can kill Kain even if he has jumped. This is the only thing against which the jump can’t defend.


NEUTRAL: The Tricker.

Trickers are mildly annoying enemies in the forest. If you don’t kill them quickly enough, they change form and reveal themselves to be much tougher enemies. For our purposes, the Tricker is just kind of a jerk. The Tricker’s function is to correctly predict/manipulate a single vote. At the beginning of the day, within the first hour, the Tricker will tell me something like “Dread Pirate will vote for abbyszoo” (this is not a sign that either of them aren’t the Tricker; I haven’t picked roles yet) and if this actually happens, the Tricker wins his game. The Tricker has no alliance with good or evil, and may only be gathering your vote for his or her own purpose.

Okay, that’s reasonably complicated. kg, start making mincemeat out of it.

Let’s do this. Roles will go out shortly. Wolves will have until 11am Central to talk, even though the game has started, because of how late it’s gotten tonight.