Vote One: erik sunshine. “Tiny tribes suck.”

Vote Two: Bret Highum. “Sorry man.”

Vote Three: Bret Highum. “effty eff eff crap darn. this fucking sucks.”

Tenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Bret Highum

Dang. Bret was one of the stars of the last writing game.

I have very little time here, so let’s get on with it. Are we merging? No. The merge is actually conditional. The condition has very nearly been met, but hasn’t yet.

If For the Love of Pete loses, the eliminated person will be the one who scored fewer points in the challenge. If that too is a draw, they’ll have a one-day write-off challenge.

Next One…


TIME LIMIT: 35 Minutes


Due Tuesday night at 9pm Central.

Cheers, Survivors.