If you’re on the list, you’ll be emailed your card later today. That goes for me, too; I don’t even know my card yet.

I’ll cut and paste from last year and amend as necessary…


Alright, so here’s how Fall, Caesar works. I’m going to attempt to emulate the live game even though it’s difficult to run without me being there the whole time; I’m going to make it possible for several of us to update the spreadsheet so even when I’m at work, the game can move.

You’ll all be randomly given a card via email, sometime today. There are twenty cards, numbered from 1 (strongest) to 20. There are fifteen of us playing, so five cards are being left out, though this will be random and none of us will know which cards aren’t active.

Once I open up the day (9am Central tomorrow), you can talk as much as you want about whom to assassinate. Voting can happen at any time. Additionally, one of you (todahshy) was randomly given The Wine Card. todah can use this at any time to force someone to vote, and they may not vote for the person who gave them the wine. That person must vote before anyone else does (and promptly, please; this will be the tough part when we’re not in person) and then is able to pass on the Wine Card to someone else. The Wine Card goes away when four people remain.

Once votes are made, they are unchangeable. We’ll keep track of them in this spreadsheet. Last year’s spreadsheet is right here, so you can see how a finished game looks. Ignore the “CJ Points” tab.

Also, a person can attempt Influence. If you want to force a person to vote with you, you can say “Bret and I are both voting for Novak.” At that point both players must “show their cards.” If the one attempting Influence has a better card, he succeeds. If he doesn’t, he fails and Bret is still able to vote for anyone he wants, and the original person who attempted it cannot attempt it again in that round. Also, a person cannot Influence the same other person more than once in any game. Influence will be removed as an option when four people remain. It’s also allowable for the person being Influenced to simply accept the Influence, and not show the card (meaning the person who did the Influence also doesn’t have to show). Last year I could immediately respond to these and “show” the cards as a mod who didn’t play, but now, we’ll need you guys to truthfully show your cards. Throughout the game you can lie all you want about your card, but in an Influence situation you MUST tell the truth about it. Influence also disappears as an option when four players remain.

Once a player is guaranteed to have received the most votes, he’s out of the game and the next round will start. If we get to a majority early in the day we can do multiple in the same day. If not we’ll wait for the next day. In the second round, only people who successfully voted for the dead one are up for assassination, and all the same rules apply. The one holding the Wine Card last still holds it and can use it whenever. Once we’re down to two, the entire field is supposed to vote on the winner. So, when you’re put out the game, still attempt to follow along, eh?

There will be some growing pains as we play a game so blind, but if anyone is needed, let’s be sure to email them to get them to pay attention. Within a couple of days, we’ll have enough people who get it that the game will go fairly smoothly. Once a more…spreadsheety…person is eliminated, I’ll probably have Cathy give them the card list so they can effectively become the mod.

Also, and this is huge: you cannot plot outside of this forum. The ONLY place to talk is in comment form on the blog post. Anyone caught breaking this rule will be pitched from the game immediately.

There are no deadlines for voting, as people kind of know we’re trying to do at least one assassination a day and we typically get to a majority in a timely manner. If we have issues getting to a finish we’ll see what we can do, but I don’t anticipate this, as it didn’t happen last year.

Voting ties are broken like so: it is asked if anyone is holding card #1 (Julius Caesar) and if he wants to break the tie. If he does, he announces it publicly and does so. Whoever he votes for (out of those tied) is assassinated, and Caesar is considered to be in power, even if he initially voted for someone else. This sounds like a huge pain with a lot of people, but because of the way this game generally plays out, ties are unheard of early in the game; once we play a few days you’ll see how this is avoided. Last year there was only one, and it was in the final five, by which point we may know all the cards in play anyway.

Are there questions? Mostly you have to learn by doing, but let me know.