Wooooo! I love getting home to strategic talk. I won another game of Survivor a few days ago. Did you know? I flipped someone out with an idol today, too. A good time was had by all, save for the dude who was flipped out by the idol.

But let’s talk about something that’s not me for some reason: tonight’s vote. It took a long time to come together, but here it is in all its glory.

Vote One: Beau.

Vote Two: Pete Bruzek. “I dunno”

Vote Three: Jordan Graham.

Vote Four: Zack Sauvageau. “Voting for Zack. Because I don’t know why.”

Vote Five: Joshua Longman.

You guys are weird.

Vote Six: Jordan Graham.

Vote Seven: Jordan Graham.

Vote Eight: Jordan Graham.

Vote Nine: Jordan Graham. “My vote is for Jordan, who suffers greatly from AWS (Amazing Writer Syndrome).”

Vote Ten: Jordan Graham. “Because I have no idea who this person is, yet Jordan has been taking us all down in scores.”

Vote Eleven: Jordan Graham. “A victim of success”

Vote Twelve: Jordan Graham. “This is only phase one of my brilliant plan.”

Vote Thirteen: Jordan Graham. “I like that your names can be swapped and you get a better name. I don’t like that you has all the medals.”

Twelfth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Jordan Graham

Damn it all, anyway…I wanted to see Jordan’s stuff when we got to the longer word limits. I’m going to blame this on Novak, who could have given Immunity to Jordan with a mere bronze this week.

Alas, we press on in what’s become a strategic game out of absolutely nowhere. Well, we did merge, so I guess it came out of absolutely somewhere, but the point is, shit got real.

Okay, here’s the next one.


TIME LIMIT: 35 Minutes


It worked well enough last time. Also, it seems like you guys would rather have word freedom with less time than more time and fewer words, unless I miss my guess. Eventually, if you last long enough, you’ll get both!

Do this one by Tuesday night at 10pm Central.

Cheers, Survivors.