I was going to run this at the new site, but it’s in a state of flux right now, so we’ll go ahead and run it here. There are sixteen players, as Zee German joined us last night.

todahshy has the Wine Card.

If you’re here and playing but don’t know what the hell is going on, read the last Fall, Caesar post. Players who don’t show up at all will be dealt with. Not voting is a choice that can be made, but there are ways to force votes, so keep that in mind.

Okay, the forum is open. We can all talk now and start the assassination process, and for the love of fun, just remember that votes cannot be changed. There will be no exceptions.

Track the voting here.

The intent is to run one assassination a day, but on days where quick majorities are reached, we’ll run a second one. After a day or two of play, we’ll figure out what time might be good for a second forum.