Woooooo! The game is afoot.

Vote One: Joseph Rakstad.

Vote Two: erik sunshine.

Vote Three: Joshua Longman.

Vote Four: Joshua Longman.

Vote Five: Joshua Longman.

Vote Six: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Seven: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Eight: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Nine: Melissa Diamond. “I figure if I just keep voting off everyone who writes well I will eventually win!”

Vote Ten: Joshua Longman. “You have too many dangerous connections.”

Vote Eleven: Joshua Longman. “He is not me, which is one of my most important criteria.”

Vote Twelve: Melissa Diamond. “My cat’s breath smells like cat food.”

…and thus we have a tie, spake Ralph Wiggum. Melissa and Josh will have a write-off, due Thurday night at 10pm Central. I won’t have the means to set up the challenge until late tonight, and I’ll let you know when that tome comes.

In the write-off, Novak and I will each favor a story. If it’s the same one, no problem. If not, victory will go to the one with more medal points this season.

Cheers, Survivors.