Okay, gang: there’s no reason to drag this out waiting for four voters who were kicked to the curb ages ago, especially if they can’t have any effect on the outcome.

Thanks for a great game, people, whether you played fabulously, or were ZG. (Love you, Zee!)


Vote Novak. I could say “I told you so” here, but I’ll say it in the comments instead. He straight up said what he was going to do and then he did it. Love that kind of game.


Inkarnit for the win


Vote for Inkarnit. Should’ve taken Annette to the Final 2.


I vote for Novak. Ugh.


Novak. I mean, there wasn’t anything unseen, and…it’s a pretty straightforward vote


My vote is for Novak. He continues to leave me bleeding in his wake, yet I still follow along adoringly.
It’s sad really.

But on a more serious note, a very good game played by both final two. Matt’s was just . . . smoother.

Zee German

Vote Novak, but in a good way. HOW(?!) does he make it through thirteen rounds with only one marginal attempt to vote him out. We should know how this goes. It’s like you can’t see the knife coming from way down there.
Well played, Inkarnit.

Will Young

I vote for Novak for two reasons:

First, because c’mon.

Second, because inkarnit took so interminably long throwing away his vote. That was just ridiculous.


This was interesting. Inkarnit played like an absolute imbecile in the middle, but he recovered to the point where he definitely had my vote over Zee and Roxy, and probably also Annette, who definitely got a little passive near the end. Frankly, the only person I didn’t have him beating was Novak, who laid low at the right time, took power at the right time and got out when he absolutely had to. If there’s a perfect Fall, Caesar game, this was it. Inkarnit, you’ll win this someday. Unfortunately, Novak was positively Novakian here.


This is a tough vote for me. Novak played a tight game, didn’t make any mistakes, and pretty much controlled things as much as one can. Inkarnit played a sloppy game at times, but was masterful at covering up mistakes and making some shrewd moves to increase his chances. Inkarnit says being a low card should help his case. While it was impressive he was able to influence others without a high card, I also feel he would have been voted out sooner had he had a high card. Making mistakes with a high card is basically a death sentence. He did use the wine well. When it comes down to it, though, I just feel that Novak played a slightly better game despite being at a disadvantage several times.


There you go. Beau, the definitive player of Fall, Caesar, thinks Novak should win, so this is the only vote that counts. To hell with the rest of you, including me.

I think we’ll podcast this. I’m currently off Thursday, though that could change.


I’ve played this game four times with 8+ people, and every time, cards 10 (Caracalla) and card 6 (Caligula) were not only drawn, but lasted to the final five.

We’ve done two huge games here at CdL, and both times, Inkarnit drew a poor card, and lost to a card exactly six points better than his.

Both big CdL games of Fall, Caesar were won by the two multiple-time Spookymilk Survivor winners. The cards they were holding represent the entire two-man creative staff of Fall, Caesar (daneekasghost held the card with me on it, and Novak held the card with artist Alex Merrill on it).

Are there more? Probably. Talk it out, bitches.

This was a really good game. Once a year probably isn’t enough for this, frankly. We’ll podcast/play soon. Until that time, bibant, et mandare silentium.