Okay, so who joins the jury? I won’t build the jury room until there’s another one to join, because it gets lonely in there. Anyway, do you have another crazy-exciting vote for me? You DO?!?!! Frickin’ right, gang.

Vote One: Beau.

Vote Two: Beau.

Vote Three: Shawn Ashley.

Vote Four: Shawn Ashley.

Vote Five: Beau.

Vote Six: Beau.

Vote Seven: Shawn Ashley. “Wish things went differently, but here we are.”

Vote Eight: Shawn Ashley. “Never trust people with two first names. They’re brimming with talent.”

Vote Nine: Beau.

Vote Ten: Shawn Ashley. “This does not make me sad.”

There we are, folks. 5-5 with but a single vote left to go, between two players who refuse to publicize their last names, Howland and {redacted}

Vote Eleven: Shawn Ashley. You didn’t fall off that rooftop, you were pushed!

Fourteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Shawn Ashley Howland

Dang, what a vote. Again. The spreadsheet suggests that this isn’t getting easier anytime soon, so you’re probably all right to be horrified and stressed out. What I’m saying is: I expect this to be so cutthroat that there is no winner.

Next challenge: let’s make it due Friday night at 10pm Central.


TIME LIMIT: 40 Minutes
WORD LIMIT: None. We’ve got a good operation here. Why change anything?


Cheers, Survivors.