Today got goofy, gang. Let’s see where it ended up.

Vote One: Brian David.

Vote Two: Joseph Rakstad.

Vote Three: erik sunshine.

Vote Four: Brian David.

Vote Five: Joseph Rakstad. “Tis’ a cruel game.”

Vote Six: Joseph Rakstad. “I prefer my joes hungry.”

Vote Seven: Brian David.

That’s three for each of those guys, with two votes left.

Vote Eight: Brian David.

Vote Nine: Joseph Rakstad. “I’m pretty sure he’s Novak.”

…you have got to be kidding me. We hereby go to a third write-off, with a lot of game left to play. Y’all are weirdos.

Brian and Joe, I’ll get a prompt put together and will give you the heads up when it’s ready; it’ll be due by tomorrow at 10pm Central once it’s live.

Cheers, Survivors.