Work got busy; sorry, gang.

Vote One: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Two: Brian David.

Vote Three: Brendan Bonham.

Vote Four: Brian David.

Vote Five: Melissa Diamond. “Shine On You Crazy Diamond.”

Vote Six: Brendan Bonham. “Because people whose names start with B are the worst. Brian and Brooks are next.”

So…a 2-2-2 vote going into the last two. This is…something.

Vote Seven: Melissa Diamond.

Vote Eight: Brian David.

You have GOT to be kidding me. A 3-3-2 vote?! That has to be a first.

Melissa and Brian, you will have a duel. I can’t set up email thingies from work without shitloads of work, but I’ll get to it in an hour or two. In the meantime, you may all pat yourselves on the backs for this monumental fourth-of-five tiebreaker.

Cheers, Survivors.