First and foremost, the majority of the field has joined a Facebook group already, with just two exceptions who either don’t have it or don’t use it. It would be much easier to follow this and play if you were over there, so all of you named Mike, at least consider it.

First of all, there will be two houses (Montague and Capulet). You will play BB as normal with one house or the other (I’ll run identical challenges for both sides), and after a predetermined point, the houses will merge.

Secondly, there’s a thing called the Casa de Leche Big Brother Official Box of Creamy Goodness. In it are three things. One is a Golden Power of Veto, giving you the ability to pull yourself off the block after the POV challenge. There’s actually a second Golden Power of Veto in there as well, which you’ll give to an ally. The third thing will be a kept secret from everyone but the winner of the box. As you might suspect, getting this box will be…tricky. It’s possible nobody will earn it. More on this later.

Finally, you lot will determine who goes to which house. There will be a thing called the Smokestack Rush, where players choose which house to enter in groups of about eight (they will be ordered randomly). When your name is called, choose which house you want to enter. You will have the ability to see who’s in which house thus far on this handy spreadsheet.

The Smokestack Rush may start today, depending on the Mikes and whether they respond to this. The game will not actually start, though, for (probably) a few weeks, depending on how many more ties the Survivor players force.