So. Ties? Let’s see.

Vote One: Brooks Maki.

Vote Two: Brooks Maki.

Vote Three: Zack Sauvageau.

Vote Four: Zack Sauvageau. “Whatever.”

Vote Five: Brooks Maki. “Now to see who he squares off with in the inevitable tiebreaker.”

Vote Six: Brooks Maki.

Vote Seven: Brooks Maki. “You asked for ties, then you asked for no ties. I just don’t know if I can count on that sort of flip-flopping.”

Eighteenth Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Brooks Maki

On one hand, you eliminated someone without a tiebreaker, and that’s cool. On the other, it was Brooks, and you can all go to hell. Well, win #4 will have to wait, as the last quarter of you get after your fourth-to-last challenge.


TIME LIMIT: 45 Minutes


Thursday at 10pm Central, please. Cheers, Survivors.