Interesting game, this, despite the spate of ties. Sooooo, we’re at six, a natural tie risk. What happened, then?

Vote One: Annette Barron.

Vote Two: Annette Barron.

Vote Three: erik sunshine.

Vote Four: erik sunshine. “It’s been a treat.”

Vote Five: erik sunshine. “I’m more conflicted about this vote than any in a long time. Sorry, man.”

Vote Six: Annette Barron. “This season is so fun!”

Your mileage may vary.

I can dig this draw. I can. I know how it happened, and it would probably be less annoying if…it wasn’t…you know, the fifth one.

Annette and erik, I’ll write up a challenge for you here in the next little bit, to be due tomorrow night. When it’s ready, I’ll email you.

Cheers, Survivors. Big Brother Houseguests, throw stuff at these people.