Guys, if this is a tie somehow, I just don’t know what I’ll do.

Brian’s vote is under the jump.

Vote: Zack Sauvageau. “You played a great game, Zack, and this decision was much tougher than I thought it would be. Still, I would like to keep at least one promise this season.”

Twenty-Second Elimination from Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Zack Sauvageau

It’s true…Zack played a very smart, very cutthroat game, and ends up with his second top-three finish in the last three games.

A week ago I considered it inevitable that we were going to have a repeat winner, but here we are at the end with a couple of guys that have never won (including one that has never played). Jurors, you have until Tuesday night at 9pm Central to send me five questions for each of these guys, which they’ll get a couple of days to answer before I ask for your votes.

Good game, finalists. Many cheers.