Okay, Brendan and Brian. We’ve reached the finale and now you have to prove how awesome you are.

The jury has come up with a slate of questions for each of you, and you are to answer them by Thursday night at 9pm Central. Additionally, if anything you want to say isn’t covered by a question, you also have a “jury plea” of 1000 words or fewer with which to talk about how you played this season.

Got it, guys? Okay. Here are your questions; answer the ones prefaced by your name.


Brian/Brendan: What were your favorite/least favorite stories that you wrote this season?

Brian: In what ways did you change the course of the game?

Brian: Who were your closest allies during the game, and how did having them (or losing them) affect the way you played?

Brian: Do you feel you managed to get to the final two based on strategy and game play, or solely upon your spectacular writing skills?

Brian: How many times did you go into a week believing you had to get immunity or you were a goner?

Brian: If you win this, will your sister ever stop hearing about it?

Brendan: At what point during the day had you decided that you were going to vote out Annette and force a tie?

Brendan: What would have happened had you won the final immunity?

Brendan: What was your plan, post merge? How were you hoping to stick out from the pack as the game began to wind down?

Brendan: Did you have specific plans throughout the game, and if so, when did they work out and when did they not? How would you separate yourself from the plans of your major allies?

Brendan: Most new players are pretty passive, especially at first. Did you feel that way at first, and was there a point during the game where it switched and you felt like you belonged and were in control?


Cheers, Survivors