Okay, okay…I’ll see if I can do this in short order. I’d prefer to spend more time on a final post, but my schedule gives me this, and I don’t want this to get late enough for people Not to see it tonight.

Melissa Diamond

Vote Pete: Why should anybody else really win anymore?

(she votes for Brian, but this is the quote)

Shawn Ashley

I’m voting for Brendan to win!

“The Greatest Trick the Devil ever pulled, was convincing the world he didn’t exist.”

Brendan’s playing still, right? (J/K) 😉

erik sunshine

Brendon should win.

For lots of reason.

I layed them out in other documents.



It has become clear being in the jury room for over a month that most everyone in there worked really hard for one angle or another. It has also become clear that that is the reason we’re all there in the jury room. The two players who stayed the quietest wound up in the final two. Brian was perceived as the larger threat throughout the game, partially because of his writing but mostly because of his perceived alliances with others. Both players got immunities at opportune times to save theirs seasons.

It appears that Brendan worked a little bit harder than Brian to try and formulate a long-term strategy, and I applaud his ability to avoid votes. However, this isn’t totally surprising given his rookie status and nobody having any preconceived worries about him or his strategy. But it seemed he, like Brian, survived just as much on other’s mistakes than he did by his own brilliant strategy.

Thus, without a convincing strategic argument, I have to vote for the guy who lapped the field in gold medals, survived two duels, and got immunity in a nearly must-win scenario at the end. So I vote Brian David.

Brooks Maki

I vote for Brian to win.

Both players managed the post-merge landscape that they found themselves in (obviously – since they are both still here at the end). But I give Brian slightly more points for managing a more fraught situation. There was spirited debate in the jury room, and it would not surprise me to see either finalist win.

Pete Bruzek

My vote is for Brendan, he pulled down a couple of key immunities when he needed to, and I feel like his strategy was more proactive

Zack Sauvageau

Both Brendan and Brian played a very good game, so to me the difference was just how many write offs Brian won. So, my choice for the winner is Brian.

Annette Barron

I struggled long and hard. My vote is horribly late and also for BRIAN.

Joseph Rakstad

My vote goes to Brian.
I enjoyed playing with both competitors. Brian made some very narrow escapes and because of that, he’s getting my vote for winner of Survivor.


The winner of Spookymilk Survivor XVIII: Brian David

This was a closeish vote, and I could have seen this going either way. I think we can have a pretty good conversation about this, because this was an extremely unconventional final two, starring two guys who just…survived, you know?

For now I’m just going to get this posted, and we’ll have fun bantering about it for a while. Congratulations to both finalists for navigating a rather strange season.

Cheers, Survivor.