Wow, I forgot about this until the eleventh hour. Not literally, though. We start tomorrow at 8am Central. Anyway, believe it or not, there are SIXTEEN of you bastards in this game:

Zee German
Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate

There are 12 villagers and 4 wolves.

Villagers with special roles:

SANTA CLAUS. He’s the seer, because he knows naughty from nice.
PEDRO. Santa’s right hand man. This little guy is intrinsically good. Angelic, even. He’ll get to attempt to save someone each night. It can’t be the same person on consecutive nights.
LUPITA. Lupita knows the true meaning of Christmas. Twice during her entire life in the game (during the day), she can attempt to teach someone the true meaning of Christmas, via email to me. At this point, if the target is a wolf, they will learn the error of their ways and leave the game. If it’s a villager, he’ll be annoyed and walk out. Either way, the person is eliminated. This power cannot be used during at night, and not in the last two hours of day.



PITCH. The demon Pitch is a somewhat clever bastard. He can peek at someone each night, just like Santa, and learn if they have a special role.
THE THREE NAUGHTY BOYS. The other three wolves are followers of Pitch. This probably won’t come up, but any two of them, if they announce it during the day, can come forward and eliminate any person with a role, even if they don’t know who it is. So one naughty boy can say “I AM A NAUGHTY BOY AND CHOOSE TO ELIMINATE PEDRO.” Another naughty boy would have to come along and do the same thing. If they did so, Pedro would be eliminated immediately and we’d still have a normal elimination. This would, of course, “out” two of the wolves. Wolves cannot, as always, talk during the day.

DAY will run from 8am to 9pm Central. Is that usual? Whatever. It’s happening. Everyone here has played at least once, so we should be good on rules, but if not, ask now.

Roles will be sent out very shortly.