Because days three and four both happened yesterday.

The kids were back to bickering after a long segment of the day spent doing very little, since the narrator was unavailable to talk about their exploits.

Everyone was pretty surprised that sherrymac hadn’t gotten into any fights, and sherry was congratulating herself on a job well done. The final naughty boy, of course, simply couldn’t handle all of this festive holiday cheer, and he tripped her in the hallway and then nailed her to the floor.

“This is a pretty innocuous way to go,” sherry said, unhappy with the level of thought given to her game-death.

“I know,” the naughty boy said, “but there’s only one of me left and I’m demoralized and depressed after the last few days.”

With that, the scene kind of fizzled out, and we were left with seven villagers to just one wolf.

I don’t know what it is about Christmas, gang, but it sure does seem to bring out the best in the village.

joepunman (Day One, nice, ate his puns)
kg2005 (Night One, nice, Roasted but not eaten)
MelissaD (Day Two, Pitch, lighting the world)
daneekasghost (Night Two, Santa Claus, too obviously full of cheer)
nettiebarron (Day Three, naughty boy, ass-paddled into oblivion)
todahshy (Night Three, nice, suffocated with tinsel)
mbnovak (Day Four, naughty boy, killed because he had that annoying elf voice)
sherrymac1031 (Night Four, nice, quickly nailed to the floor)
Colin Prime
The Dread Pirate
Zee German

Five vanillagers, Lupita, Pedro and one naughty boy remain.

Five is a majority, and night is at 9pm Central. I don’t work today, and I expect to be here hanging out with you.