Hey, gang. With the Big Brother game taking place entirely in the Facebook room, I’ve planned on several occasions to update here and post the rest of it, but that time has obviously not come yet. Anyway, there are 11 of 30 players left, and I’ll get to those updates starting tomorrow.

Novak has pitched to me an idea for Star Wars Werewolf, since that’s what everything is about right now. We’ll fit that in somewhere.

As always, Pepper is needling me to do Play with the Prose, and I think it’ll be time for that pretty soon as well. I’m not sure whether I’ll run it or take on the less stressful role of being a player.

I will also be running the fourth annual CdL Royal Rumble, and as usual, will just get the thirty players together (based loosely on your participation in the last year) and will email you once you enter. If you want me to be sure you’re in this but aren’t sure I’ll include you, email me and I’ll make sure you get in.

I’m also itching to do Fall, Caesar again after our ultra-tense game a few months ago.

The site should be back to regular updates soon, particularly if I can catch up with Big Brother. Cheers, CdL faithful.